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i have had the pleasure of taking over Cool Sh*t and helping keep this site updated and going for about a year, it is about time that i leave here and do my own thing. if you like what you have been seeing this past year, the new blog will basically be the same except i’ll be working with more diverse topics, more interviews, more local music, more sneakers.. more everything.

so if you have this site bookmarked, bookmark my new blog, visit it daily, promote it.

this blog isnt going anywhere. i will personally no longer be updating this blog, but i’m sure you will still see posts of really dope shit like there was before i even began to post here..

i want to thank Lige Ridley aka Ferrari L ( for giving me the opportunity to help keep the blog going for the past year. its been a pleasure, and it’s really gotten me places. thank you


do the write thing. click here for Amy’s new blog.


Nike X SLY – Limited Edition Air Troupe

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After a previous collaboration with Japanese women’s label, Sly, on a limited edition Terminator in March, SLY is back in the collaboration game with Nike to produce two models, a mid top and a low top version, of the Air Troupe. The shoes bring out an 80s retro vibe, drawing inspiration from the booming hip-hop culture 30 years ago.

These shoes will be available for purchase starting Sep 5 at four SLY locations in Taipei, Taiwan, and will be available at select Nike retailers starting Sep 19.

Release Dates: September 5th (Saturday), September 19th (Saturday)

these are fucking FRESH AS HELL!!!!

August 2009 G-SHOCK Releases

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you know i mess with the g-shocks, heres some new watches from the ’09 Fall Release:

“The Crazy Color Series so far features three watches in bright purple blue and green, and the watches come with matching face and backlight color. Even the “G-Shock” logo on the watch rim is colored to match the rest of the piece. We know G-Shocks are practically indestructible, but we have no qualms about getting them in more colorways for a change.”


comment on your thoughts.


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Ok. so ive been gone for a long while but im back wit some cool shit. I’ll update you with a couple of release dates, some good music and a couple of other things. Check it out and ill hit yall later. peace.

My boy Soulja spends 12k in LV store…Recession?

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Someone sent me this…check it out. Its mad interesting…

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Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!