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Erykah Badu: Says She Has No Regrets Stripping Down Naked in New Video.

Posted in Erykah Badu, Interviews, Previews/Music Videos on March 30, 2010 by nikekid23

DALLAS — Singer Erykah Badu said she has no regrets after her newest video shows the 39-year-old stripping naked in Dealey Plaza and laying down on Elm Street next to the spot when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.

“I think it was kind of odd with the kids out here,” Jimmy Longoria, a JFK tour guide who sells papers on the grassy knoll.

The video, which promotes Badu’s newest song called “Window Seat,” shows her parking her car downtown and walking toward the crowds on the grassy knoll outside the Sixth Floor Museum. Moments after stepping outof her car, the singer begins stripping off her clothes.

She then falls on the pavement next to the spot on Elm Street where Kennedy was killed.

“I was petrified, period!” Badu told The Dallas Morning News. “The whole thing was frightening. You know, not being in love with my body. As I started to walk, I confronted a lot of fears personally and I hoped it would encourage others to do the same thing in their own way.”

Badu did it all in one take; she had to, since her crew didn’t have a commercial filming permit from the City of Dallas.

It’s art, Badu insists. She said she confronted her inhibitions and overcame her fears by taking her clothes off in public.

“When I told my mother what I wanted to do, she was not 100 percent confident it was the right thing, but she was supportive,” Badu added.

Badu said she got the idea from a music video that singing duo Matt and Kim produced which shows them stripping in New York’s Times Square — their hometown.

Badu said she picked Dealey Plaza since it was one of the most popular places in her hometown of Dallas.

Jimmy Longoria said he wasn’t convinced. “It seemed kind of strange, especially when she went naked,” he said. “I understand she’s making a video and all that, but there’s kids out here, and she might have been a little wrong on that part.”

Writing on Twitter, Badu admitted some people yelled “this is a public place” and she should be “ashamed” and should put her clothes back on.

She didn’t go back for them, but instead ran off after a liberating experience at the city’s most infamous site; something that tourists never expected to see.

here is the video if you haven’t seen it yet: the message is dope, but the video has nothing to do with the song.. lol