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Benzino- Good Fellaz (Slaughterhouse & Eminem Diss) LMAO

Posted in Beef of the week, DAMN!! It's all baaad!!, Eminem on September 5, 2009 by nikekid23

How can you make a public announcement and say that you dont fuck with or know the members of Slaughterhouse but DISS THEM? lmao. I mean.. I can see why he would diss Em, because Em ended his career.. but everyone knows hes not gonna spit somethin ill. ITS ALL BAD.

Take a listen


Alleged Nick Cannon diss TRACK to Eminem..

Posted in Beef of the week on August 18, 2009 by nikekid23

So Nick Cannon first went to the bible to respond to Eminem’s “Warning” but clearly he didn’t think it was enough, because he had to go out and make a diss record on his ass also. I don’t know what point hes trying to prove, because hes frying himself.. big time.

Judge it for yourself.

Estelle Vs Rihanna.. LOL

Posted in Beef of the week on August 18, 2009 by nikekid23

So Estelle has been basically dissing Rihanna and trying to be passive about it, then deny it..

Heres the Info:

The debate started with a TWEET, of course. What other problems between celebs haven’t started out with Twitter lately?

Estelle Re-Tweeted a post made by one of her followers that said “Estelle would have smashed the hook. Rihanna just didn’t do it for me”.. Which is beyond me because I thought Rihanna MURDERED it.. And she just looks better with Jay & Ye than Estelle does. Anyway, the beef continued. In this month’s issue of Women’s Wear Daily, Estelle said “Everyone and their aunti is doing Fifties and corseted dresses and doing half a head shaved.” She recalls half jokingly rocking that hairstyle back in 2005 “when Rihanna was chilling in Barbados.”

Until Estelle gets that nasty grill of hers fixed, she shouldn’t say anything about Rihanna!