Apple’s Next iPhone.. YESSSSS.

this is cold as hell. im definitely going to try to get my hands on this.


front-facing video chat camera

improved regular back camera. lens is larger.

camera flash

micro-sim instead of standard sim

improved display- higher resolution

secondary mic for noise cancellation next to headphone jack

split buttons for volume

power mute and volume buttons are all metallic


back entirely flat. made of either glass or ceramic/shiny plastic in order for cell signal to poke through.

aluminum border going completely around the outside

slightly smaller screen than the 3gs but with higher resolution

more squred off

3 grams heavier

16% larger battery

internals components are shrunken and reduced to make room for larger battery

the next iphone was lost and found in a bar then sold to gizmodo who first leaked the story. they definitely think its the real thing after playing around with it. the final packaging and design may be slightly different then what u see in these pictures.

VIA (click for more pics/videos/information)


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