“What The One” – Air Jordan 1

So these are fucking weird but creative and dope all at the same time.. shit is mad fuckin weird!!!

“What The One,” an Air Jordan 1 that has been customized to show off features from a number of classic Jordan models. As you can see, the shoe sports some Air Jordan III Elephant print on the toe and upper ankle with another nod to the AJIII by way of the Black leather and Red eyelet rings at the bottom of the laces. As the eyelet panel makes its way up, it’s covered by an Air Jordan X-inspired striped pattern met by a solid Red ankle section that reps for the OG Air Jordan 1. The lower heel panel is then graced by the abstract design from the Air Jordan VIII with a hint of the Air Jordan VII midsole popping up towards the front of the shoe. Finishing off the “What The One” is an Air Jordan V lace lock and a Black/Gold carbon fiber-like pattern to bring the Taxi Air Jordan XII’s into the mix as well. This pair was created for Mike Cole of SoleFoodNYC, but if you hit up Revive, maybe you can get your own.

Via sneakernews

what do you think?! lol. insane right?


One Response to ““What The One” – Air Jordan 1”

  1. These are freakin awesome.. creativity
    at its finest. I wouldnt wear them tho’.
    [ smh: no way ] … I’ll just buy them and put them
    in a box as a collectors item or something.

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