Lil’ Mama Apologizes to Jay-Z

hahah lil mama

hahahaha Lil’ Mama must have realized how dumb she looked, because she apologized to the cameras. He told her “Oh, you was T-Painin huh” lmao hoed her life. He also took it as mad disrespect.

Q. Is there anything you want to say to Jay in particular?

Lil Mama: Well, to Jay in particular…As a Brooklyn Native whom I am also. In that moment it was nothing but respect and honor. It was a joyous moment, whenever we share happiness or celebration…I mean that’s how a reaction takes place usually and its graceful–it’s never to disrespect. You know. And I meant no harm. I was enjoying myself, and I was enjoying his performance. And I got love for you, I love you.

to watch the whole interview, click here.


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