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The Grammy Family

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Whatever You Want


Lebron trailer…More Than A Game

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Next President of Def Jam will possibly be Nas

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According to SOHH .. Nas has addressed recent reports of being offered a position as Def Jam Records president and explained why he would consider taking up the job Jay-Z once held.

“Yes and no,” Nas said about being offered the presidency. “I don’t know what’s in store for the future. I’m happy to do whatever makes sense. I would love to add on and help hip-hop, I feel Def Jam is a great label for hip-hop music but I feel they could be doing a lot more for hip-hop, that’s what it’s about. Obviously people they have, have their own agendas and own direction and I respect that too. I think I can add on but I don’t know, at this point and time, I’m just taking it day-by-day, I’m not getting too caught up into all of that.” (PunchBowl)

Nike Air Trainer II- Spike Lee Sample

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Nike Air Trainer II SB inspired by Spike Lee. (just like a lot of shit thats been coming out recently.. lol)

These will drop sometime in Decemeber

Jay-Z Interview on Swedish TV

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Ebony Magazine- Diddy Cover

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So for those of you who have iPhones and hate the fact that you can’t send MMS.. you don’t have to hate it anymore. iPhone finally got MMS so you cans end pictures, ringtones, videos and what not via text message and not email.. which many iPhone users HATED..

The update and support is now available on iTunes..