Air Jordan Hall of Fame Pack

“Departing from this year’s recurring theme of 60+ point performances for this release, Jordan Brand is releasing 3 shoes to honor His Airness’ Hall of Fame induction. There are interesting similarities in materials and colors among the Jordan 1, the Jordan 2009, and the Jordan 6 Rings models that are featured in the pack. The colorways for each shoe stick to the classic red, white, and black colors of the Bulls uniform. Each model also incorporates patent leather into the lower portion of the shoe–the Jordan 1 on the toe and heel, the 09 on the lower portion just above the sole, and the Six Rings just above the sole as well.  The other unique tie-in among these three is the use of the LED-styled numbers stacked in black-on-black and black-and-white. The numbers bear significance to different elements in Jordan’s unparalleled career including dates, dollar amounts, and point totals.” (freshnessmag)

the concept is cool and all.. but i dno about the shoe being cool. haha.

anyway, shoes will be out in retail stores soon.. comment what you think.


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