Kazuo “Kaz” Hirai, the CEO of Sony announced the new PS3 120GB Slim Edition.  1/3 smaller than the original PS3, the new slim form factor will also be a third lighter in weight as well as 34% less power usage.  House a 120GB hard drive, the new console will provide the best user interface till now with the new system software, Firmware 3.00. Best of all there is aa $100 drop in PS3 retail price to US$ 299, effective immediately worldwide for both old and the new upcoming edition.

Look for the new Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) 120GB Slim Edition when it launches next month on September 1st.

Release Date: September 1st (Tuesday)

THIS IS DOPE AS HELL! im sure ALL gamers will appreciate the price drop AND the smaller PS3.


2 Responses to “NEW PS3 (120 GB SLIM EDITION!)”

  1. that bitch strait but i would miss the silver playstation 3 going across my shit lol imma stick wit ma 60gb boi lol

  2. I’m copping ASAP

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