If Time Was Mine & Money Wasn’t Real..

I don’t know if i will completely express my feelings the way i aspire to using a keyboard, but I’ll try..

Something i tend to think about a lot is Time

.. Someone put a limit on time. Someone said “ok, this is an hour” “ok, this is a year” why? because of how many days it takes for the earth to revolve around the sun? how do you know that 24 hours are in a day? That there’s 60 seconds in a minute? what is a fucking second, or a minute?! people put years, months, days, minutes, seconds on something that is just infinite. ITS INFINITE. you grow older as you live, and that wont change. Every moment you are alive shouldn’t be counted by minutes or months or years, it should be counted by what you’ve achieved and if you’ve accomplished what you wanted to accomplish. If you live everyday like its your last, that is the only thing that matters, because in the end, time doesn’t matter, because YOUR time, could be ANYTIME..and even after your time is up, TIME STILL GOES ON. Time scares people because it provides a limitation. “I can’t work till 3am because that’s too late” I never let time distract me from what i need to do. When it comes to an exam, when it comes to sleep.. I let it happen whenever. I don’t say “man its 5am i need to go to bed” if I’m up, then I’m up. Its infinite. There’s no limit to my life until its over.. But sometimes I really wish I could take it back and change some things.. but thats just life I guess.



Now is time to talk about everyones favorite subject, MONEY.

This is an issue that bothers me more then anything. When people began to put value on things, the world became fucked. Why does money control everything? Why don’t we have any? Its like.. people began to put value on things because they put a value on gold. It all started with stupid fucking gold. And we don’t have enough value to keep making money so we are in debt trillions of dollars as a country. Why do you have to pay 50 dollars for a shirt you TRULY like. Why cant you just pay a dollar more then it took to make it (which is like 30 cents.. if that) Why do you have to pay 160 dollars for a Retro 7 package deal. The most terrifying thing about money, is that people will actually take another life for it. On facebook, someone made their status “A MILLION DOLLARS.. WOULD YOU KILL FOR IT?” and i was fucking AMAZED to see how many people said “Yes.” You would take someones LIFE. The ONLY life they will EVER live.. for a million dollars, and be able to LIVE WITH YOURSELF? what the fuck! how could people KILL FOR SOMETHING THAT IS NOT REAL. How could someone want to DIE for something that is not real?! Why does a movie star make 12 million dollars playing someone who is not even them? a fictional character that doesn’t even exist? While people who are teachers make shit change and work really hard. Money is not real. All you hear when you turn on the television or the radio, or crack open a magazine or news paper.. MONEY MONEY MONEY

Do not get me wrong, i am not saying that people who are on their grind shouldn’t be, because in reality, its the world we live in. Where people WOULD kill and risk killing themselves for a piece of paper that has a number on it. A piece of paper that in the end, when it all comes down to it, means nothing. The point of life is to be happy, to enjoy who you spend the rest of your life with and in the end that is all that matters, your happiness. But money does make people happy, but I will never understand how someones life is worth a million dollars. How could you be happy with money if it is DIRTY money? Money is NOT money. There is the right way to make it and the wrong way to make it, but you know what they say.. Money REALLY IS THE ROUTE TO ALL EVIL.

But hey, you know how it goes..Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems.

Thank you for your TIME. =]


P.S- i would like to thank Lige for allowing me to express my feelings on his blog and sharing something with me that means so much to him. Thank You Lige Emmanuel. =]


2 Responses to “If Time Was Mine & Money Wasn’t Real..”

  1. ok for real talk i never thought ofi t like that but now that i have it gives me a new perspective on life way to go blogger people keep doin ya thyg dizzle

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