Alleged Nick Cannon diss TRACK to Eminem..

So Nick Cannon first went to the bible to respond to Eminem’s “Warning” but clearly he didn’t think it was enough, because he had to go out and make a diss record on his ass also. I don’t know what point hes trying to prove, because hes frying himself.. big time.

Judge it for yourself.


2 Responses to “Alleged Nick Cannon diss TRACK to Eminem..”

  1. HAhahahahahhaha that was soooooo wack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eminem destroyed his career and probbably his life and marriage lol!!! oh well

  2. mikhail Says:

    nick sit yo wack ass up lol my bro shady out hear shitn on yaooo em is one of tha greatest of all time u wack ass helll

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