Oprah breaks “No Rapper” rule

So just in case you weren’t aware.. Oprah swore that she would never have any rapper appear on her show.. EVER! So anyway, Oprah says no rappers and of course the first rapper she is going to have an interview with will be none other than JAY-Z. Who would have guessed?! But supposedly, when Beyonce agreed to an interview with Oprah last spring, she said she would only agree to the interview if Oprah promised to have Jay on the show in the fall to promote his new album The Blueprint 3.

The Blueprint 3 cover was recently released:

Anyway, Jay took Oprah Winfrey on a tour of his hometown in the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn. Pictures were takin of the two walking through the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brookyln.

The show will feature their tour of the Brookyln Housing Projects where he grew up. He will also talk about how he became the best rapper alive of course and how he became so successfull. he will also talk about his life with Beyonce and how hes giving back to the community.

Heres some pictures of Jay giving Oprah the tour

she’s looking a little rough! lol. But the show which will feature Jay-Z will be televised in the fall, and I’m sure everyone is mad excited.


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