Kanye throws ANOTHER fit!

Kanye has recently stated that he is completely DONE doing interviews because the media portrays him to be a bad guy and that they make up things that unfortunately, some of his fans sometimes believe. Everyone heard about the b*tch fit he threw during the MTV awards when he was screaming about how they had Britney Spears do an opening act and he didn’t even win a moonman. Well, another fit was thrown by Kanye (not a good look son) during a Casio G-Shock event. He went into one of his “NO MEDIA” spasms. Cameras were not supposed to be at the event, people over at Rule 4080 caught some footage..

This is so sad.. Really.. I really feel what he is saying, and its real as hell.. but Kanye literally got booed with this one..

Kanye pretty much tried his hand freestyle rapping/singing thing and it pretty much sucked. got ugly quick.

Here’s the lyrics if you can’t understand them:

“The fame that the TV taught us here’s your chance/the stage that you bought us this what you wanted right/dance, nigga, dance/dance, nigga, dance/dance, nigga, dance/and everybody will say you amazing/Everybody said OJ was so amazing/Everybody said Michael was so amazing/well which one do you ask/cause Tyson, Phelps, Jackson none of them ever got a pass on the amazing public perception/or the f*cking media that causes so much deception… It’s so amazing what I see in the media is amazing believe me/who doesn’t think its illegal TMZ/and I have to pay $100,000 to the photographer who said I hurt his arm/but I was just breaking your f*cking camera I wasn’t trying to do you no harm/dude I’m not trying to stop you from getting paid at all/ But I feel the pictures you trying to take make the icons fall/Cause there was a point back when my father was a photographer in Atlanta you had to have to know how to work a dark room to take pictures/ you used to have your flash exposed at the right setting now with automatic cameras anybody can get in/and stay out front of the Mercer and what’s worser when you be walking that way they say hey Kanye like they’re a fan then cha, cha, cha, cha, money, money, money that’s their plan/and if I snap then I am less of a man/here is something you can’t understand?”


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