Just what I was feeling at the time…

Each endeavor in life teaches me something new about myself which evolves into me learning something new about others.  Others being people, culture, but in this instance women.  Earlier a girl told me that she didn’t like sneakers–minuscule altercation so it went unnoticed.  But really why are you telling me this? Am I no longer suppose to wear sneakers? No, not at all. So should I change myself to your liking or alter those within my cipher according to my predilection? This altercation transpired to many different thoughts. I hate that I analyze everything—but if I don’t give a fuck who will?  comprehensively, this disagreement had nothing to do with sneakers.  It’s bigger—simply because sneakers are apart of me…it’s not a damn gym shoe…but the nostalgic feeling that I get when placing a new pair of kicks on my feet.  my prerogative is composition of me.  So today I learned a new theory.  Fuck everyone who disagrees with me and passions.  Food for thought. and I didn’t learn that shit in college…


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