Classic Kicks…

Nike Air Command Force  

The Nike Air Command Force is a legend for a number of reasons. The shoe was worn and promoted by a young David Robinson, was the choice shoe of Billy Hoyle in White Men Can’t Jump, and the Hot Lime color is as timeless as it is on the Air Tech Challenges. The Air Command Force was an expensive sneaker, even in today’s numbers. With a retail price of $175, the shoe was priced far out of the budgets of many and adjusted to inflation would be the equivalent of $275 today.

Despite a pretty big campaign on TV and in magazines promoting the shoe, the price was just too much to bear. The Air Command Force has since arisen from the bottoms of closets demanding pretty high dollars on eBay as it has become a highly saught after vintage shoe. The fragile nature of a 17 year old midsole makes finding a pair in perfect shape next to impossible.


One Response to “Classic Kicks…”

  1. thatsmildsauce Says:

    they are nice though

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