…but I wonder if those who proclaim to be truly understand its meaning.  In contrast to the definition that can be found in most dictionaries, it is not the attribute of composed detachment.  It is cool to be one’s self…that’s my definition, and life told me so…not a book. I came to this conclusion while waiting in line for the Air Yeezy’s that I’ve been baffling about all week.  I woke up Monday morning with $23 dollars in my pocket and hustled my way to $1110 by Wednesday.  While sitting in line I was blogging, I came across a picture of Jay-Z wearing the Air Yeezy’s. It then dawn upon me that he did not have to wait in line for his shoes—this is simply because he is such a significant individual and THAT’S cool.  The fact that he worked so hard to manifest his dreams and aspirations allows him the ability to walk into a store and say “give me those and I’m not waiting in line for them.”  See, this has nothing to do with shoes anymore. This is fucking life.  I refuse to wait in line for X amount of hours to spend $300 dollars to purchase the dream of another man.  Myself refuses to let myself proceed upon such a heinous act of inconsistency in search of being cool.  See, there is a difference between looking “cool” and actually being an inhabitant of it.  Kanye, before the fame and after, would never be caught dead waiting in line to purchase the dream of another.  He was too busy crafting dreams of his own for the entertainment and acquisition of others.  It is lame to wait in line and I mean that in the most figurative sense possible.  If you ask anyone who proclaims to be cool, why are you cool, you will receive one answer.  “Because I’m different.”  But what’s the difference between not wearing what everyone else is wearing or standing in line with the “cool kids” to look the same as them.  Actually, nothing.  Cool is not an appearance, it’s a state of being—and from this state of being is exuded the aura of “cool.”  Dig this, there are two types of people in this world.  There are innovators who create an ideology or consensus of cool and the idiots who wear and advertize the “cool.”  I create the “cool” that defines popular culture. 

Which are you?

Ha. I was told to wait in line for about 40 hours and then pay $85 dollars more that what my store actually purchased the shoe for.  Ha!  That shit offended me.  They got me beyond the restriction of fucked up.  I’m cool because I set the trends.  I am Kanye.  And not in a literal sense—I am what he radiates.  Confidence…substance…swagger…cool…

Just food for thought. And I didn’t learn that shit in college.


3 Responses to “I AM COOL”

  1. Sidney Ware Says:

    I love your blog. And while I completely agree with you about “life” and setting your own trend, “swagger” and so on. I vastly believe that you’re contradicting yourself. How can you say that your treading your own path, when YOU yourself stood in line for X amount of hours to maintain another mans dream. You have swagg yes indeedy but son, have you noticed where it came from. You love hip hop as do, so you MUST know that the hip hop pioneers who REALLY matter actually treaded their own path and made their own style. You’re a spitting image of KANYE- he’s dope yes i know but you should excude YOUR OWN style while maybe incorporating your own. You maybe not be a scarf wearing, tight pants buying, Black brim glasses owner-but you are not your own character you’re Kanye Jr. And that may be a compliment and in some ways it is. Yet, have your own personality, you’re own look. I mean, everyones “bites” off someone they admire and some point in time…but homie borrow, don’t bit. But if you’re gonna be a biter, don’t draw attention to yourself by pointing the finger. Embrace it, be YEEZY jr. But I honestly feel like “Lige” is not Yezzy, he’s Lige.

  2. nikekid23 Says:

    Yo, sorry I didn’t see this. I didn’t know that you had to approve comments. I really appreciate your post. And I agree with you…but not fully. You said that I contradicted myself. And I agree. Someone once told me that the only thing consistent about human behavior is inconsistency. I contradict myself constantly. That’s because I’m always learning. So in between the month of the first release and the second release of the Air Yeezy’s, I realized that it was stupid as hell for me to wait in line for 15hrs. So I someone asked me if I would ever do it again, I would say “HELL NO!” I am only human; I have to natural right to be inconsistent.

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